Sandman Klaus Bösch

Art Series - Stellbilder

Art Series - Stand-Type
Stand-Types are the classics.
The concentration is with the sand formations. The user opens a wide space of creativity.

Art Series - Wandbilder

Art Series - Wall-Type
Wall-Types are the improvement.
Background pictures add a separate dimension to the landscapes built by sand.

Art Collection

Art Collection
This serie includes the more demanding works produced in small numbers.

Triple X

Triple X
Impressions of beautiful and exciting things expressed through three different sizes.


Often sandpictures remain on the desk for years and get turned regular for relaxation. Perfect! Your ad relaxes your customer!


Sandpicture clocks are a symbol of how the stream of time changes the world daily.


Light Objects
Sand-Lamps are playing with light and make illumination alive.
Sandpicture arts. The permanent change of invironment, human and technology expressed through the medium sand.


Pieces crafted in limited editions by the artist himself. Special lacqers on frame and background make up a distinguished touch.
A lot of ideas are waiting in my secret folder to become real.